Friday, September 07, 2012

aski tenu kaamkettaanuus !

                       aski tenu kaamkettaanuus !

oNTe dEsu rajo oNTe tETu hibbi rhii teka prajaan sento vatto keratte vEL
‘mii elyo dEsu rajo; mii jato dusura tenu askinu mor kaamkettaanu menatte khobbim havTanjavaLLan hOnaa’  meni menesi.

telyo aikilEt hote oNTe oLDu, rajaak sommar avi ‘tumi sangariyo serko nhaa; aski tenu ojanaak ojano kaamkettaanuus; emaam tiiL sEru meLLi sendEv nhii’ meni menesi.

telyo aike rajaak raak jhuku avDiyo. ‘tii kOnak, mor vattaak cheDi tumi vatto kerariyo?  ture vaadam serko nhaa; hoyeti meLLi, tumi oNTe oLDu menatte haali,  tunko mii  kShaminchariyo’ meni menesi.
te vEL, telyo oLDu  ‘rajaanuu ! mor vatto nijam hoyeyo menatte mor haali ruju kerattak musayi’ meni menesi.  Rajo meLLi, ‘serkas, ruju keruvo’ meni menesi. ‘oke vELum ruju kerattak museni meneti, tunko teka hOntaye deNDano abbayi’ meni sommar suuchano (eccharikke) keresi.
hoyeti meLLi, elyo oLDu telyo savaal kan khaLLi, ‘rajaanuu !  elyo mor haatu gude ruvvo gheTi dherli rhavo; mii mor  dhovat (vET) serko kETur bhandullusu’ meni menesi.  rajo meLLi telyo gude khaLLi, dherliis hotesi.
oLDu nidaankan teka dhovat serko bhandilli ruvvo gheTi pharaatu teka gude rajo jovaL rhii khaLLesi. Phalcho rajo jovaL menesi ‘rajaanuu ! mii mor savaalum jeginchittiyo’ meni sontOShkan reccha kuut tagesi.
Rajo ‘tii, kOnak ‘meni pusesi.
‘Mii sange dhaanuk mor gude tumi dherli hotyaasi. mii kEr mene kaam tumi kertyaa; teka haali tumi meLLi oNTe kaamkettOs’ meni telyo oLDu spaShTamkan menesi.
oLDuk sEtte buddhi chaaturyam rajo slaaginchi, tenduus rhii teka oNTe mukhyam hoye aalOsano adhikaari kan thovlesi.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

39th All India Conference of Dravidian Linguists at Patiala.

The 39th All India Conference of Dravidian Linguists was held in Punjabi University, Patiala from 14th June 2011 to 16th June 2011.

It was organised jointly by

Dravidian Linguistics Association, International School of Dravidian Linguistics, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Punjabi Linguistics Association, Patiala

Department of Distance Education, Punjabi University, Patiala.

I read a paper on 'Comparison of Sourashtra Basic Vocabulary with Marathi'
on 15th June 2011.

The gist is given below:

Sourashtra (Saurashtra) language is an Indo-Aryan Language. Though its origin is in North India, it is now widely spoken in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu. It is a minority language and Sahitya Akademi has recognized it and honoured two Sourashtra Scholars by giving Bhasha Samman Award.

Foreign Scholars Dr.H.N.Randle and Dr.Uchida Norihiko and Indian Scholars Dr.I.R.Dave, Sri M.S.Gopalakrishnan and Dr.P.B.Pandit have studied this language and written articles and books.

T.M.Rama Rai states that Sourahtra is the modern form of Sauraseni Prakrit.
According to Linguistic Survey of India, Saurashtra is tentatively grouped under Gujarati pending detailed investigation.
Language hand book on mother tongue in Census (Census centenary monograph No.10) (1972) lists Saurashtra as a separate language in Appendix II Mother Tongues - 1971 (Provision figures) page 334 as
Sl.No.68 Saurashtra (total speakers 181,289).
But in 2001 Census, Sourashtra is grouped under Gujarati and is shown as a dialect of Gujarati. It is not known how it has been asserted as a dialect of Gujarati.
Systematic comparative study of this language is to be done with other sister languages like Marathi, Konkani, Khatri etc.
Now in this paper basic vocabulary of 600 words of Sourashtra are compared with Marathi. It is found that out of 600 words, 150 words tally exactly and 111 words tally with slight modification. In toto 261 words i.e. 43% of words can be understood by both people.
It is hoped that Linguists will come forward to compare Sourashtra language with other sister languages. The findings will enable to determine the origin of this language and their original homeland.

Life Member of DLA, Thiruvananthapuram.

Sunday, February 06, 2011


The population enumeration Census 2011 is going to start on 9th February 2011.
To day the enumerator called on me and requested to keep ready the date of birth of all the residents of my home as she will be visiting again on 9th to record the details of Census 2011. It is learnt from that enumerator that there is no question regarding Caste in the enumeration which is starting from 9th February.

I appeal to all Sourashtrians to record their mother tongue as SOURASHTRA.
Because people were not alert, the population of Sourashtras was much understated/
At least in this census it should be corrected, so that we can claim the rights of Linguistic Minorities.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Marriage Invitation in Sourashtra Script.

Please view the attached document - a marriage invitation printed in Sourashtra Script.
Er. P.S.Dhanabalan, B.E., FIE, CE(Ind) is an ardent supporter of Sourashtra script.
He has printed the marriage invitation of his daughter in Sourashtra script, besides in Tamil and English language. The marriage date is on Monday, 14th February, 2011. The venue is Agarwal Bhavan1 BB Road, Balarangapuram, Madurai-625009.
Muhurtham between 6 am & 7.15 am. Sow. P.D.Aarti marries Chi. P.S.D.Achyut Babu.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Grantha Script.

In some quarters, it is suggested that Grantha script, a modified form of Tamil script, used to write Sanskrit texts etc. instead of using Devanagari script,
can be used to write Sourashtra language.

Sourashtra language has got a beautiful, scientific, modern, simple and uniform script.
So there is no need to use Grantha script for Sourashtra Language.
Already, the Devanagari script supporters could not do anything for the development of Sourashtra language by using Devanagari Script.
Recently they are trying with Parivarthit Devanagari script !
Even in this script, two more symbols to represent half yakaram and nasal marker are not provided.
It is a pity the supporters of Devanagari Script has not studied the books written by Sri T.M.Rama Rai. Had they studied the books written by T.M.Rama Rai in Sourastra script, they might have realised the need to provide two additional symbols required to write half yakaram and nasal marker which are peculiar to Sourashtra language.

Sourashtra language has special sounds which are not available in other Indian language. Hence, it is not possible to adopt Grantha script for Sourashtra Language.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Letter under Right to Information Act to Cenus Authorities.

Sourashtra Staff Association.
241, South Marret Street, Madurai-625001.
Ref: Census/2 Dated: 21.1.2011

Sri N. Ravichandran,
Joint Director of Census Operations
Directorate of Census Operations Tamil Nadu,
‘E’ Wing, 3rd Floor, Rajaji Bhavan, Besant Nagar, CHENNAI-600090.
Sub: Saurashtra/Sourashtra – Mother tongue spoken in Tamil Nadu.
This has reference to our letter dated 17th May, 2010 and your reply dt.11th August, 2010 under RTI Act.
Q.No.1. Who has done the extensive authoritative work on Saurashtra/Sourashtra language comparing with Gujarati?
1. The answer to the above question by you is not satisfactory. The finding of Sir George Abraham Grierson in his Linguistic Survey of India (LSI) is only tentative and not conclusive. 2. It is stated in Census of India 1961 Vol. 1 Part II –C (ii) Language Tables p. ccxvii as under:
Regarding Saurashtra, however, some interest has been shown, of late, on the technical aspects of this variety while the inclination to affiliate it with Marathi is also visible among some scholars. In any case, some AUTHORITATIVE WORK on this variety of language remains to be done.
3. We quote below the extract from the Article ‘The Saurashtrans of South India’ by Dr.H.R.Randle, M.A., D.Phil., I.E.S., Librarian, India Office, White Hall, London S.W.1 published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society , London (October 1944).
“The Saurashtri language, also called Patnuli or Khatri, has been classed as a dialect of Gujarati. It certainly appears to belong to the Gujarati-Rajasthani linguistic type; but, although it has some forms such as a causative in -ḍ- and passive in -ā- which connect it specifically with Gujarati, its inflections are not those of Gujarati and its basic vocabulary is predominantly Marathi. For these reasons it is not possible to regard it as a dialect of Gujarati… Sourashtran publications are sufficient proof that it is an adequate medium for literary expression.”
4. You have quoted the book of Dr. V. Renuka Devi. It is not authentic and conclusive. It does not say that Sourashtra is a dialect of Gujarati.
5. We contend that our Sourashtra language should not be shown as a dialect of Gujarati. It is one of the Minor languages of India.
6. The National Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities, Allahabad has treated our language as a separate language only and accordingly we are invited as Linguistic Minority of Sourashtra language only and not Linguistic Minority of Gujarati language in Tamil Nadu.
7. Census of India 1971 Language handbook on Mother Tongues in Census – Census Centenary Monograph No.10. On page No. 223 it is stated as under:
1399. Saurashtra - Mother tongue returns received from a substantial section of population in Tamil Nadu from weavers reported to be originally hailing from north specially Gujarat. The returns were classified under Gujarati in 1961 Census. Proper investigations of this language are still lacking.
In Appendix II Mother Tongues –1971 Census (Provisional figures) numerically important mother tongues at Country level as of 1971 with strength of speakers of 5000 and above arranged in descending order of population. Sl. No. 68 Saurashtra population ...181,289.( Males 91,080 and Females 90,209).
8. When it is not mutually intelligible, Sourashtra language cannot be treated as a dialect of Gujarati. So it should be shown as a separate language and it should be included in the list of languages whose speakers are more than 10,000.
9. In Census Report 2011 pertaining to Tamil Nadu State, Sourashtran speakers are to be shown as separately and should not be merged with Gujarati language.
Q. No. 2. On what basis Saurashtra/Sourashtra language is shown as dialect of Gujarati from 1991 Census onwards?
10. Your reply to this question is not satisfactory. LSI is not a conclusive proof. It is already stated in 1961 and 1971 Census Reports that ‘proper investigations of this language are still lacking’. We do not know who has done extensive research on this language and stated categorically that it is a dialect of Gujarati giving concrete examples.
Q. No. 3. Whether you have got consent from the speakers of Saurashtra/Sourashtra to show it as a dialect of Gujarati?
11. You say that the affiliation of the language is decided by the available grammatical structure of the concerned language/mother tongue along with the available knowledge base as well as the decision of the linguistic and non-linguistic experts.
Will you furnish us the grammatical structures of Sourashtra and Gujarati for our scrutiny and the opinions given by the experts in Linguistics with regard to Sourashtra language? We would also like to know the names of non-linguistic persons who have given the opinion that Sourashtra is a dialect of Gujarati. So, kindly furnish the same for our perusal.
Q. No. 4. Is there no Sourashtras in Tamil Nadu?
You have given reply that as per 2001 Census number of persons reported Saurashtra/Sourashtra as mother tongue is, 178,135. But in Census Reports it is clubbed with Gujarati and our language Sourashtra is not shown separately. We demand that our population figures district wise is to be stated separately to enable us to claim the Rights of Linguistic Minorities in Tamil Nadu.
Q. No. 5. Why the nomenclature is changed to Gujarati? i.e. the Saurashtra/Sourashtra population is clubbed with Gujarati?
12. Your reply is not satisfactory. The inclusion of our population with Gujarati speaking people and showing as Gujarati is misleading.
We demand that in future, in Tamil Nadu, you should furnish the population figures of Sourashtras District wise separately in Census Report for the year 2011.
We would like to hear from you further in this regard. Please send your reply soon.
Yours faithfully,
Copy to National Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities,
40, Amar Nath Jha Marg, Allahabad-211002.

This is an extract of the letter sent to Census Authorities, produced here for the information of all.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lord Bhuvarahan & Lord Dhanvanthiri.

Madurai Sourashtra Sabha is creating two Sannidis for
Lord Bhuvarahan and Lord Dhanvanthiri in their Temple
Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Devasthanam, South Kris Koil Street, Madurai-1.

The invitation is uploaded in my picasa web album, the link of which is given below: